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LQ has been building a movement for business transformation, that began as an idea back in 2018. Our founders realised that business transformations were often time consuming and expensive, and yet still had a 70% failure rate of running them succesfully. Our methodology – based on the Six Batteries of Change – has proven otherwise and has helped many clients to achieve sustained success.

We help business leaders to build companies which create value for society and the environment, where profit is an enabler, not a purpose in itself

Our mission

Our mission is to help business leaders transform their companies into conscious and future-proof businesses. By taking a holistic approach to transformation, building on the foundation of the Six Batteries of Change, we aim to make 95% success in business transformation the industry standard. We co-create businesses that live up to their potential, where profit is a prerequisite and (digital) technology is leveraged to make it happen.

Building great companies

It is time for business leaders to be courageous. We support them to dare to lead their transformation journeys from within.

We focus on key players in those industries which need the biggest systems change. We guide these companies on their transformation journeys, so that they become a place where people can thrive while reinventing their business for a sustainable future.

Are you looking to transform your business into a company more conscious and future-proof? At LQ, we can help you make that happen.

Our ambition

We enable organisations to do it themselves. While working with our clients, we transfer our knowledge and build inhouse capability to lead change. This way we grow communities of qualified change leaders and enablers, comfortable to apply the Six Batteries of Change approach in practice.

A-quality brand

Our ‘Six Batteries of Change’ academic research, conducted in partnership with Vlerick Business School, with more than 300 global organisations cross-industry provides us the insights and the benchmarking to guide organisations through a successful transformation journey.

The 3 focus areas in our service offering

Making the invisible, visible through measurement insights & prioritisation

Based on insights from the scan(s) within your organisation, we co-create the journey towards the desired business impact

Working side by side to deliver results

Based on an actionable roadmap, we help the leaders and teams with hands-on execution within specific domains, from strategy to operations and from processes to culture

Learn to do it yourself, training/certification & coaching

Starting from their own context, we train and coach leaders and employees to deliver actual impact and commitment

Our team

Along with our ambition comes a passion for ensuring individuals at LQ can express their true selves, cultivating a supportive environment where colleagues can excel in their roles while enjoying the journey too. Above all, our organisation is founded upon mutual trust — with our team members, with customers, and with our partners. Freedom to take responsibility and freedom to pursue excellence. These elements create an honest yet energetic atmosphere which fosters a culture of achievement whilst ensuring continuous learning at all levels. LQ = Infinite Learning, which requires EQ + IQ


Trusted partner

LQ colleagues have been working as trusted partners of business leaders, supporting them on their individual transformation journey to lead courageously from within.

We know that this can feel as an uphil battle. Nevertheless, we believe in the power of change and adjustment – also within organisations. That is why we support our clients to find the courage and maintain a long breath to refind purpose, set different type of and bolder strategic goals, and adjust the way of working in the full value chain.

Energise for success

Energise for success

Our transformation heroes

Geert Letens

Founding partner - Director Research & Thought Leadership

Heidi Theys

Founding partner - Supervisory Board

Anne Kloosterboer

co-CEO | Strategy, Clients & Partnerships

Gunter Blanckaert

co-CEO | Customer Experience, People & Organisation

Tom Raman

Head of Operations

Chantal Poiesz

Head of People

Kim Van fraeyenhoven

Head of Client Success

Miranda Maes

Business transformation manager

Els Dhaeze

Business transformation manager

Anja De Landsheer

Strategic and Program execution

Hanne Sidarow

Business transformation manager

Tamara Alen

Business transformation manager

Isa Yilmaz

Business transformation manager

Lianne Dingemanse

Business transformation manager

Kristien Van Bruystegem

Business transformation manager

Emiel Kruyd

Business Transformation Manager

Niti Grover

Business Transformation Manager

Ana Lidia Aneas Moyano

Business Transformation Manager

Yvette Van Wagtendonk

Leadership and Executive Coaching

Alieke Voorzee

Business Transformation Manager

Folkert Huysinga

Business Transformation Manager

Emre Karali

Business Transformation Manager

Marijke de Ridder

Business Transformation Manager

Martijn Macco

Business Transformation Manager

Kristel Frencken

Business Transformation Manager

Raf Coenen

Business Transformation Manager

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Our mission "Realising business transformation with sustained impact through the Six Batteries of Change"

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