Our Partners

Rather than an adventure for a short while, we believe in partnership on a long-term base. Strenghtening each other and adding value for both the partner and our clients:

Vlerick Business School

Combining thought leadership with business transformation

  • Together with Vlerick Business School, we continuously research change efficiency and effectiveness, co-designed in the ‘Six Batteries of Change’ model (Prof P. De Prins, G. Letens, K. Verweire).
  • Vlerick  Business School provides teaching, customised trainings and development programs for business leaders in Benelux.
Spring Today

Energise for success to succeed tomorrow

  • Together with SPRING TODAY, we combine two reinforcing and complementary forces. Both driven to accelerate change within organizations and strengthen our change capabilities to achieve great business results that last!
  • While SPRING TODAY focuses primarily on interim staffing of change and transformation professionals, LQ provides the design and implementation of business transformation.
    With Spring Today’s Change Management Platform, the top 100 companies grow a change community.

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