Our Partners

Rather than an adventure for a short while, we believe in partnership on a long-term base. Strenghtening each other and adding value for both the partner and our clients:

Vlerick Business School

Combining thought leadership with business transformation

  • Together with Vlerick Business School, we continuously research change efficiency and effectiveness, co-designed in the ‘Six Batteries of Change’ model (Prof P. De Prins, G. Letens, K. Verweire).
  • Vlerick  Business School provides teaching, customised trainings and development programs for business leaders in Benelux.
Spring Today

Energise for success to succeed tomorrow

  • Together with SPRING TODAY, we combine two reinforcing and complementary forces. Both driven to accelerate change within organizations and strengthen our change capabilities to achieve great business results that last!
  • While SPRING TODAY focuses primarily on interim staffing of change and transformation professionals, LQ provides the design and implementation of business transformation.
    With Spring Today’s Change Management Platform, the top 100 companies grow a change community.
Boho Strings

The power of music

  • Boho Strings is a professional string orchestra, founded in 2015 by artistic director David Ramael and violinist Jessica Tortorice. Taking the traditional concept of the string orchestra and giving it a fresh interpretation, Boho Strings is known for their emphasis on telling musical stories about important social themes.
  • In our inspiring collaboration of Listening Leadership Immersive workshops, they create a meaningful experience that drives lasting change and added value to all of our lives.
Workplace Options

Human capital

  • Workplace Options is dedicated to providing employees around the world with the tools, resources and human support they need to be the best they can be – at work and in their lives outside of work.
  • With 40 years of experience, they offer emotional, practical and physical wellbeing support to employees and their families around the world.
Awake Origins

Home for future entrepreneurs

  • The profound BluePrint Scan brings spiritual depth and entrepreneurial practicality together
  • Their mission is to ignite and magnify positive energy exponentially, by facilitating and nurturing a global movement of powerful, conscious entrepreneurs.
Futures Academy

See the difference to make a difference

  • The Futures Academy is a living Lab. They like to learn and practice what they preach. As a group, they continuously experiment with new operating models. At this moment they are designing everything around the concept of a Decentralised Autonomous Organisation.
  • As a living lab they research through development. One of their guiding principles to keep a fresh perspective on things – while also nurturing our culture and values – is the Jingu Principle.

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