Six Batteries of Change

The Six Batteries of Change is an evidence-based method for implementing change in organisations. By fuelling six crucial batteries, your organisation will be fully equipped to embrace change processes on every level.

Six sources

of energy

Changing the position or status of an object requires energy. Six Batteries of Change shows managers how to develop transformational competencies by creating a more energized organization capable of dealing with faster and more complex change.

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Only if organizations manage to charge all six batteries, they can successfully deal with the continuous change that our Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous VUCA world imposes.

Six Batteries of Change Scan

The first step of any effective transformation program is identifying how much energy you have in each battery. The online survey, thoroughly filled out by your top and middle management, provides you accurate and critical information about the transformation capabilities of your organisation.

The report presents you an overview of the energy status of all your batteries, but also gives more detailed information on the energy level per battery. It lists the bright spots and the attention points for your change project and provides you with your scores on the most significant energy gainers and drainers.

Based on academic research

The goal of this joint project with Vlerick Business School was simple: to develop a breakthrough model for change management that would boost change success, putting an end to the mythical quotes that 70% of change initiatives fail.
To achieve this, Prof. P. De Prins, PhD G. Letens and Prof. K. Verweire combined insights of hundreds of books and academic articles on change management into a model, founded on empirical data from more than 300 different organisations all over the world.

Since 2016, countless managers at various corporations have filled out our questionnaire. Their response has been overwhelming and provided us with unique insight into the current change management processes underway in organisations big and small, in a wide range of industries.

Six Batteries of Change

the result of a 4-year cross-disciplinary research project at Vlerick Business School

documented in the book ‘Six Batteries of Change’ © 2017 – P. De Prins, G. Letens, K. Verweire. LannooCampus, Tielt

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