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Meet our dedicated team, a harmonious blend of talents and expertise working together to energise for success

Gunter Blanckaert

Co-CEO | Customer experience, People & Organisation

  • Introducing Gunter, a passionate and pragmatic business designer with over 20 years of experience in strategy, digital transformation, marketing, and people management. Gunter’s career has spanned international B2C and B2B environments, where he has made a significant impact by driving organisational change and delivering tangible results.
  • In addition to his expertise in business strategy and transformation, Gunter excels in people management & Design Thinking. Recognising that the success of an organisation lies in its people, Gunter has fostered collaborative and high-performing teams. Through mentorship, training, and a supportive work environment, Gunter empowers individuals to reach their full potential and contributes to their personal and professional growth.
  • His commitment to customer focus, ambition, constant innovation, and effective people management make Gunter a driving force in creating lasting value. With a wealth of experience and a holistic approach to business design, Gunter continues to shape industries and inspire teams.
Anne Kloosterboer

Co-CEO | Strategy, Clients & Partnerships

  • Meet Anne, a highly accomplished professional renowned for her expertise in business transformation and executive leadership development. With a wealth of experience spanning both mature and emerging markets, she has a profound understanding of the intricacies and dynamics of diverse business landscapes, with a proven track record of guiding organisations towards sustained success.
  • She possesses a rare blend of visionary thinking, practical execution skills and a no-nonsense approach, enabling business leaders to navigate complex challenges and deliver tangible results. Or in her own words, similar to the title of her book, she “works side by side business leaders to crack the hard nuts in business transformation.”
  • One of Anne’s driving passions is turning traditional businesses into net positive entities, contributing positively to society and the environment. With an unwavering commitment to sustainable practices, she brings forth innovative strategies that align profitability with social and environmental responsibility. She thrives in an entrepreneurial environment and the fast pace of an international environment, leaving a lasting legacy of success and positive change.
Lianne Kindt-Dingemanse

Business Transformation Manager

  • Lianne is a driven and experienced professional whose passion lies in shaping strategic directions, creating innovative business solutions, and ensuring their successful implementation. With a strong focus on results, she possesses exceptional organisational skills and a wealth of experience in navigating dynamic international environments. Throughout her career, Lianne has excelled in driving new business development initiatives and effectively bringing novel ideas to life.
  • Her accomplishments have been built upon her extensive networking abilities, as well as her expertise in project and program management, and stakeholder engagement. Furthermore, Lianne’s purpose is rooted in sustainability, emphasising her commitment to creating solutions that contribute to a more environmentally conscious and responsible future.
Geert Letens

Founding Partner, Director of Research and Thought Leadership

  • Dr. Geert Letens is a distinguished organisational energy coach and change architect whose expertise lies in organisation development, change management, and performance measurement. With a strong focus on research and its practical application, Geert has made significant contributions to increase change success.
  • Geert’s ongoing work involves conducting longitudinal research in organisations that are implementing the Six Batteries of Change model. Additionally, as a mentor to PhD students, Geert oversees projects related to the design and implementation of performance measurement systems and and the implementation of various types of change programs in different sectors and industries.​
  • With his deep understanding of organisational dynamics, Geert assists organisations in restoring balance between the formal/rational and social/emotional dimensions of change and helps them boost their change success rates while achieving transformative outcomes. Geert’s expertise has garnered international recognition, making him a sought-after author and speaker on topics of Organisation Development, Change, and Lean Product Development.
  • He has provided training and consulting services to numerous Fortune Global 500 companies worldwide for nearly two decades. His extensive experience and research-backed methodologies continue to guide organisations towards success in navigating change and achieving optimal performance.
Tom Raman

Head of Operations

  • With a diverse background in digital marketing and communications, Tom brings a wealth of expertise and experience to our operations department, enriching our approach to customer intimacy. As we continue to strive for excellence in all areas of our organisation, including our commitment to understanding the needs of our customers and applying that knowledge into our procedures, Tom’s unique skill set and strategic mindset make him an invaluable asset.
  • Moreover, Tom’s adept project management skills have been instrumental in effectively implementing transformative business initiatives. With his expertise in handling intricate projects, aligning stakeholders, and fostering cross-functional collaboration, he has ensured the smooth execution of strategic transformations.
  • As a member of our LQ team, Tom’s role is pivotal in ensuring our organisation’s operations are executed with utmost precision, quality, and project management expertise. By leveraging his skills in digital marketing, communications, and project management, he plays a crucial part in our continuous quest for operational excellence. Tom’s strategic thinking, combined with his passion for delivering results, make a significant impact on our team and organisation as a whole.
Chantal Poiesz

Head of People | Business Transformation Manager

  • Chantal Poiesz is an accomplished professional who has made significant contributions in the areas of business transformation, strategy, change management, and coaching. Her expertise in change management enables her to navigate the complexities associated with organisational transitions, ensuring smooth implementation and maximum stakeholder engagement. By combining strategic vision with effective change management techniques, Chantal has consistently achieved successful outcomes in challenging environments.
  • Chantal’s commitment to fostering team development and coaching is evident in her approach to transformational leadership. Recognising that people are the driving force behind any organisational change, she prioritises the cultivation of a positive and inclusive work culture that encourages collaboration, innovation, and continuous learning. This aspect is of great value, even within our own organisation.
  • Through her coaching abilities, Chantal empowers individuals and teams to reach their full potential, fostering a growth mindset and facilitating their professional and personal development.
Kim Van fraeyenhoven

Head of Client Success

  • Kim is a curious generalist with an infectious enthusiasm for change and growth. With a broad and future-oriented view on businesses and their people, Kim excels in building bridges and making meaningful connections. She embraces new challenges with an open mind, always seeking ways to improve herself and the teams she works with. Kim’s infectious enthusiasm is a driving force that not only fuels her own growth but also inspires and motivates those around her.
  • In her role as Client Success Manager, Kim’s focus is twofold: to deliver the business impact we envision together with our clients and in co-creation with our architects: She will help design the optimal E2E Client Success Journey that is scalable for all clients; She will directly support specific account teams by taking on concrete project management responsibilities.
Tamara Alen

Business Transformation Manager

  • Tamara, an entrepreneur and consultant, is driven by her unique ability to bridge the hard and soft sides of business. With a career that took off in 2000, she has continuously delivered transformative projects that refuel organisations, teams, and individuals.
  • As your partner in transformation and a holistic thinker she will go the extra mile to connect the dots from strategic level to the gemba and vice versa. You walk the road and she will be by your side to advise, challenge and support you on your path towards more organisational change readiness and a higher success for your change initiatives.
  • Her approach: connecting (with) the people, pragmatic, challenging, solution driven, inspired by data and best practices; agile and outside the box but always keeping your ultimate organisational goals in mind.
Miranda Maes

Business Transformation Manager

  • Miranda, an experienced communications director with a strong background in marketing and communication strategy, digital marketing, innovation strategy, and corporate strategy, is driven by a deep fascination for helping companies and organisations thrive in volatile environments. Versatility and resourcefulness are her biggest motivators, both professionally and outside of the office. She is solutions-driven and resolute, always willing to go the extra mile to find answers.
  • Additionally, Miranda is a team builder with a democratic approach, firmly believing in the value of connecting people and involving them in the process. With her expertise, she provides advice, guidance, and support in developing business strategies, acting as an external sounding board and challenger to align change initiatives with organisational goals.
Heidi Theys

Founding Partner, Supervisory Board member

  • Meet Heidi Theys, an exceptional leader at the forefront of driving successful business transformations and cultivating impactful organisational change, while nurturing a culture of growth and excellence. By harnessing the collective expertise of her team, Heidi has helped organisations prioritise and navigate complex business transformations, ensuring clarity and focus amidst the challenges.
  • She excels in energising individuals, teams, and organisations. Through her dynamic approach, she fosters motivation, cohesion, and performance, enabling teams to unlock their full potential.
  • People management and mentoring are central to Heidi’s leadership style. She prioritises the development and growth of her team members, fostering a culture of continuous learning and collaboration. Heidi is driven by a shared vision of delivering exceptional results for our clients.
Els Dhaeze

Business Transformation Manager

  • Meet Els, an experienced speaker, consultant, author and passionate advocate for customer centricity. With her unique and spicy approach, she inspires, trains, and coaches individuals and businesses on the journey towards customer-oriented thinking and acting.
  • Els is driven by her unwavering dedication to fostering collaboration and building a strong customer experience (CX) expert community in Belgium, while also striving to elevate CX as a globally respected profession.
  • She supports organisations not only as a consultant,  but also as a board member, where she builds on her extensive knowledge and skills in Corporate strategy, Marketing, Business transformation, and People Management.  Outside-in thinking and inside-out acting is her motto in everything she does.
Hanne Sidarow

Business Transformation Manager

  • With a dedicated focus on infusing experimentation, Design Thinking, and customer-centricity into organisational DNA, Hanne empowers businesses, teams, and individuals to reach their aspirations. With extensive experience, she thrives within the Design Thinking framework, harnessing qualitative user research and creative collaboration to fuel innovation.
  • Hanne’s versatile expertise spans Business Design, where she excels, to her role as a Guest Lecturer for Design Sprints, and as an Innovation Coach and facilitator for Experiment-Driven Innovation. She’s a passionate professional who eagerly shares her insights and experiences, and her leadership and teamwork skills make her adept at spearheading projects and shaping strategic product or service direction.
Isa Yilmaz

Business Transformation Manager

  • Isa is a highly skilled project manager who possesses extensive expertise in defining, shaping, and successfully executing ambitious transformation programs, especially those that leverage technology. Working closely with C-level executives, Isa specialises in guiding organisations through complex and challenging periods of change.
  • His approach involves designing and leading customised labs that tackle various ambiguous problems, such as identifying innovation opportunities or navigating intricate organisational obstacles. With a proven track record of delivering successful projects across different continents, including Europe, UK, USA, Middle East, China, and North Africa, Isa brings a wealth of knowledge in program management, storytelling, strategic planning, business development, talent development, data science and business analytics.
Kristien Van Bruystegem

Business Transformation Manager

  • With a strong foundation in the renowned ‘Great Place to Work®’ model, Kristien excels in advising and steering companies towards fostering a truly satisfying work environment. Her extensive experience includes tailoring customised programs, conducting focus groups and workshops, and delivering insightful presentations to HR and management teams. Having collaborated with prestigious institutions such as the National Bank of Belgium, Dela, Unique Interim, Spadel, and Vlerick Business School, Kristien possesses a deep understanding of diverse organisational contexts. Moreover, she plays a vital role in shaping and overseeing communication and marketing strategies.
  • Her proficiency in HR management, project coordination, and business transformation further enhances her ability to achieve successful results. Kristien’s remarkable talents encompass coaching and empowering individuals, ensuring their success in achieving their goals.
Anja De Landsheer

Strategic and Program execution

  • Introducing Anja, an experienced Change Management Specialist with a proven track record in the management consulting industry. With a strong background in Digital Strategy, Marketing, and Business Development, Anja is a skilled professional with over 20 years of cross-cultural and cross-industry experience in Europe and APAC.
  • Anja stands out as a strategist with an innovative edge and a keen eye for identifying growth opportunities. Her expertise lies in optimising operational structures to create value for all stakeholders. As a change agent, Anja possesses not only the knowledge and capabilities but also the hands-on experience to influence and transform employees’ attitudes into desired behaviors.
Emiel Kruijd

Business Transformation Manager

  • Emiel has a long track record of managing complex projects and programs in complex client environments. He has a pragmatic approach to the complexities of multidisciplinary programs.
  • He is goal-oriented and focused on delivering value to the business with the program team he builds. Steering the program, taking the client’s ways of working while building on his own strong experience. Informing all stakeholders on status and progress so they can take decisions based on solid information.
  • He has worked in different sectors and types of organisations, ranging from Government and Defense to Telecommunications and Utilities. Functional experience includes: Program Management, Change Management, Business Consultancy, (Continous) Process Improvement, Project Management, Architecture.
Niti Grover

Business Transformation Manager

  • Niti Grover is a Growth Architect and Change Management Expert. She is a former Corporate Vice President Commercial Excellence at Philips. In 2021, she decided to pursue her entrepreneurial dream to help businesses solve commercial growth challenges and develop coordinated go-to-market plans aligned with the needs of target audience. This maximises customer acquisition, engagement, and retention.
  • Niti believes that an optimised go-to-market strategy, authentic storytelling, and robust change management are key to maximising breakthrough ideas.
  • She is a postgraduate in business management. She has 23 years of experience in FMCG, Health technology & Security companies such as Tyco Electronics, Ansell, Danaher, Stanley Black & Decker and most recently Philips. During these years, she has helped them transform the way they interact with their customers and grow their business. She is also a certified 6 Sigma master black belt and lean coach.
  • Niti is of Indian roots, Thai nationality and Belgian citizenship. She lives in Belgium with her husband and is presently devoted to learning Dutch and an active golfer.
Ana Lidia Aneas Moyano

Business Transformation Manager

Ana Lidia brings extensive experience when it comes to managing improvements, innovation and change in various sectors. Guiding organisations in the design, development and realisation of solutions, strategy and (operational) processes with special attention to people and organisation. Empowering organisations throughout digital transformations, migrations and successful execution of complex programs.

She started her career in communications and IT and developed into change leadership roles for global (IT) projects and programs. Ana Lidia has excellent organisational skills, brings coherence, knows how to structure chaos, connect stakeholders, simplify complexity, concretise ideas and move people in the desired direction(s) for the successful implementation of complex programs.

People are central to her assignments, she is characterised by her drive to continuously develop, improve and bring separate disciplines together to collaborate on beautiful, meaningful initiatives.

Yvette Van Wagtendonk

Leadership and Executive Coaching


Folkert Huysinga

Business Transformation Manager

  • Folkert Huysinga is a very energetic and inspirational Senior Change Manager with experience in far-reaching strategic reorganizations on global scale, who likes to stand for the troops, gets them along and knows how to energize and inspire. He usually acts as the global authority and subject matter expert for change management related assignments, supporting all processes associated with the implementation of company strategies and/or reorganization processes. Folkert is highly experienced to execute projects in the area of cultural improvement initiatives (strategy related).
  • Folkert connects the head, the heart and the hands on individual, team and organizational level. He combines >25 years experiance in international business in the area of procurement, M&A, sustainability and change management with a degree in Hypno-psychotherapy.
Alieke Voorzee

Business Transformation Manager

Alieke Voorzee is a seasoned professional with a robust background in organizational development and transformation. She boasts a proven track record of successfully steering transformative projects, showcasing her expertise in organizational design, change management, and HR strategy across diverse sectors and international landscapes. Alieke takes pleasure in crafting collaborative transformations at both global and local levels, ranging from small-scale endeavours like team development to large-scale initiatives such as business transformation programs. She has been involved in various change management initiatives for international companies, serving in roles as both a external consultant and an internal consultant. Over the past six years, she has deepened her knowledge in the field of organizational design by translating a company’s strategic direction into the appropriate organizational structure and meticulously overseeing implementation with a keen eye for the human impact. Alieke finds fulfilment in making a positive difference for individuals and contributing meaningfully to the collective good.

Marijke De Ridder

Business Transformation Manager

Emre Karali

Business Transformation Manager

  • Emre Karali is a Strategy and Transformation Expert who helps top executives navigate complex business landscapes and overcome make-or-break dilemmas. He believes that organizations thrive when they can seamlessly blend effective design with a facilitative culture and generative digital infrastructure.
  • He has a great heart and eye for people, believing it is imperative for sustained business success that their potential is fully unlocked.
  • With over 10 years of consulting and research experience, a PhD in Strategic Management, and a background in business economics, Emre fuels his vast experience with a combination of deep knowledge and holistic understanding. To this end, Emre utilizes methodological rigor and excellent communication skills.
  • Emre has worked with multinational corporations as well as small & medium enterprises. His expertise transcends industries, and for his work, Emre has traveled to countries all over the world. He takes pride in his international character.
Martijn Macco

Business Transformation Manager

  • Martijn is a seasoned change management professional with a strong background in Business Integration, Organisational Footprint Optimization and Project Management for strategic initiatives worldwide.
  • He is driven by bridging cultural differences in organisations and teams and to support organisations in achieving optimal result.
  • He is a solutions driven professional, with a strong eye for human relations. Organisations facing fast-changing environments get the best out of him.
  • Martijn is strongly focussed on setting the scene for changes in multinational environments and laying a strong corporate foundation for future change initiatives.
  • He is an out of the box thinker who is keeping a sharp eye on the bigger picture, coaching leadership and shopfloor alike to bank on their strengths.
Kristel Frencken

Business Transformation Manager

  • Kristel has an extensive background in transformation & change management, leadership & team development and continuous improvement. She has a clear vision & strategy how to organize a business transformation and knows how to motivate, engage and mobilize people and teams for change. She likes to be challenged and her continuous improvement appetite is endless. With energy and passion Kristel is driven to implement opportunities to get better and help the organization in becoming a learning organization.
  • Kristel grew up in an entrepreneurial family and has worked for various companies, both midsized companies and large multinationals. As a manager, Kristel has led several organizational transformations and developed teams into high performing teams. As a coach and advisor, she has guided and excelled many groups and individuals. She is a certified Lean Master Black belt and coach.
  • She is an enthusiastic, people oriented and a result driven leader with a keen eye for both the structure and the culture of an organization. She is frequently asked as an experienced sparring partner and confidant for the board and management. Kristel is a real team player and has a natural way of interacting with all layers in the organization which makes it a pleasure to work with her.
Raf Coenen

Business Transformation Manager

  • Raf specializes in strategic change and communication projects within public and private sectors. Working for more than 20 years within the world of communication consultancy and project management, both within commercial and non-profit environments, he built up specific experience in change management, brand strategy and out-of-the-box implementation strategy.
  • During his assignments, focus is often on greenfield projects, with specific interests in social impact and sustainability projects. His experience within start-ups, as well as nation-wide cultural projects, IoT-projects or even waste prevention and -processing show a hunger for fast adaptation and hands-on management insights within innovative trajectories. Over the years he developed himself as an all-round strategic thinker and advisor, working at C-level, with attention to all profiles and challenges in an operational context.
Celine Van Aelst

Admin Hero

  • Céline is a highly skilled professional who works with us as an Admin Hero. With her extensive experience in office management, finances, administration, and account management, Céline brings a wealth of expertise to our team.
  • Her exceptional knowledge in these areas enables her to effectively handle various (financial) tasks and provide valuable support to our organisation.
  • She possesses a deep understanding of financial principles, including budgeting, forecasting, and financial analysis. She diligently monitors financial transactions, prepares reports, and assists in making informed financial decisions. Céline’s proficiency in financial management plays a crucial role in ensuring the stability and growth of LQ.
Riana Reweghs


  • Meet Riana, a vibrant and dynamic last year student in Design Thinking and Innovation. Armed with a unique blend of knowledge in business management and design thinking, Riana brings a fresh perspective to our team as a junior consultant.
  • At just 22 years old, Riana is a beacon of enthusiasm and perseverance. Her infectious energy infuses every project she undertakes with vitality and creativity. Next to that she has a passion for people and a keen interest for innovation and sustainability.
  • Currently, Riana is spearheading an intern project focused on knowledge management and onboarding junior consultants. Her dedication to this initiative reflects her commitment to fostering a culture of continuous learning and growth within our organization.

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