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Growing into a mature company with great business results

From inertia to decisiveness


A signage company took important steps to become THE leader in communication and visibility solutions.

Building his organisation with all the effort and energy he had, the CEO decided to challenge its efficiency and performance. Mid 2019, he felt the need for a boost of energy towards his employees and himself. To become a more strategical manager, he empowered his management team to drive the operational processes.

Together with LQ, the transformation from inertia to maturity began.

Customer challenge

The main elements that needed an energy-boost were:

  • improving collaboration through effective communication,
  • redesigning the organization based on the processes
  • growing leadership that stands for clarity and transparency
  • clear responsibilities and powers
  • evaluating the employees

The initial 6 Batteries of Change Scan was a clear reflection of this: all the batteries colored red or orange, implying that none of the sources of organisational change energy were properly charged. Scores ranged between 2,23 and 2,86 on a scale of 5. For the management of the company, the need and urgency for change became clear.


In order to succeed, we defined a top team around the CEO to realise the balance between the rational side of building and managing a business and the emotional side of building and managing an organisation.  Thus charging the strategic batteries, an alignment of the top team was worked on a strategy map in a strategic seminar building a strong purpose and ambition with clear focus and direction for the business.

Next to that, structuring the internal communication was one of the priorities. Starting process-oriented meetings and rhythmic evaluations of the transformation program brought the right flow.

To avoid multiple projects at the same time, we focused on two main projects: improving the infrastructure of the offices, parking lot and production installations, and redesigning the organizational structure with clear responsibilities and authorities. Setting straight connection with the employees. On their turn, introducing frequently performance reviews, improved their commitment and further development of their career at this company.


Business impact

Towards the end of 2020, the energy within the organization has completely changed. A shift from resignation to participatory involvement of everyone is acknowledged by everyone. More alignment and structure in the organisation even allows the CEO to make more time for other things. Leadership has evolved from indecision to decision-making, from firefighting to tackling problems structurally.

Not only the high impact on organizational level is tangible. Even the financial results are significantly increasing, already + 10 % EBITDA has been calculated.

What’s next?

Continuously charging the batteries to maintain a sustainable organisation is a never-ending story. Within a couple of years, this company is willing to achieve an ISO 9001:2015 certification. This international standard for quality management requires to continuously improving the processes, contributing to the overall success of the organisation. For them, an easy goal to achieve.

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