Looking back and moving forward (2024)

“Are you crazy? Why would you do this?”

When Anne Kloosterboer and Gunter Blanckaert revealed their decision to become co-CEOs of LQ, it raised a few eyebrows.

Now, a year later, the highs and lows can be looked back on.

In the interview below, the dynamic duo reflects on their journey so far and gives us a glimpse into what’s next.


While we’re already busy working on new ideas, we want to give a big shoutout to our amazing team, partners, and community. Our collaborations truly made 2023 a remarkable year for LQ! Here’s a sneak peek of what that looked like:

  • Formalised our partnership with VINCI Energies NL to enhance leadership in business transformation.
  • Celebrated Anne Kloosterboer’s book, ‘The Nutcracker,’ now reaching a wider audience with this English version.
  • Charged our team batteries in Rockanje and the Ardennes, which was just so much fun!
  • Ensured learnings traveled for example through the Banque Van Breda’s podcast, about how we supported their culture development.
  • Drank about 440 robust espressos in our great office building De Hoorn, turning the adrenaline into extra cycling kilometers after.
  • Launched parts of the ‘Now for Next’ multi-year program, in co-creation with clients and eco-system partners, working with Arjan Postma from The Futures Academy and Joel aan ‘t Goor from Awake Origins, to help clients reinvent their companies into true value contributors.

In the meantime, our team’s growth and dedication were the backbone of our success!

Have a look at our year in numbers in the image below.

In 2024 we’ll continue to charge batteries on organization, program and individual level to create meaningful and sustained impact!

Looking back and moving forward (2024)

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