Training Program

We offer in-company training courses for professionals who want to understand the process of change management and create the positive energy required for change to be successful. Our expert trainers, experienced change leaders themselves, will help you to do just that.


Intended for

Business Leaders, Transformation Managers, HR & Financial BP’s, Program Sponsors & Managers, PMO’s, Change Leaders and Enablers, People Managers, all employees impacted by change,…

Grow in-house change capabilities

  • 5 days learning experience on organisational level, to accelerate change within your organisation and achieve great business results
  • Filled with practical applications, hands-on tools and inspirational case examples
  • Coaching support within your own business context


Run your change initiatives efficiently

  • Learning course of 5 days on project/program level – ‘Bring your own project/program’ format
  • Providing you with methods and tools to successfully implement change initiatives and get them to stick
  • Filled with case examples and solutions for your challenges


Build change adoption by your people

  • 2 days of interactive workshops on how to embrace change – individual level
  • Offering a measuring tool to assess individual commitment, learning what it takes to move people towards adoption
  • Filled with practical interventions in your own context to build a team of ambassadors

To generate the highest impact of our trainings, we identify with you the needs of your organisation and the people within. We customise our trainings in line with your context.

What our customers say about our trainings


“This training should be available and even mandatory for all our department managers.”

“It would be nice to have my team leaders to follow the same training, so that we work in the same way and with simular ideas.”

– Extract of the anonymous evaluation form of DEME Group, after their training on Individual level


You have been able to facilitate part of our total program, focusing on the practical application of the change management methodology. This has helped to give the participants a better understanding of how all six batteries need to be energized for change to land well. They enjoyed the interesting and inspiring session.

– Mr. J.C. de Vries, Senior Vice President Human Resources at SHV Holdings

LQ has guided many national and international companies during their transformation journeys
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