How to energise your organisation for success

Successful change needs to be tuned to your context and capabilities. Our Six Batteries Scan highlights your critical change capabilities in order to obtain a 95% success rate of implemented change initiatives.

Organisational level new

Making the invisible visible

At the beginning of this journey, you are asked to fill in our Six Batteries Scan to measure the energy level of your organisation. Based on your scan results, we prioritise your current and future business initiatives. Then we define the right scope and milestones. Finally, we set the right process and capabilities in place to turn these initiatives into real business results.

Working side by side

The most common challenges we tackle are the following:

  • strategic direction and top team: creation of a clear business strategy, building a high performing top team that is connected by trust
  • Infrastructure and culture: setting up an efficient Program Office in order to deliver strategic initiatives, creating a culture that fosters a growth mindset
  • Action planning and connection with employees: unifying your project methodology by improving efficiency and consistency, driven by employees through clear communication and active involvement

In-house capability building

We support your teams with on-the-job-coaching, training and certification. With inspiring sessions and workshops we stimulate awareness and provide hands-on-tools to practice new learnings in your own business context. Our change certification program aims to develop your own certified change agents, building your change readiness throughout your organization at your own pace.

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