Newsletter: Looking back to move forward (2023)

The highs

Looking back on 2022, it proved to be an LQ year in which “energise for success” came to life in a truly nice way!  A few examples we are particularly proud of:

  • Together with the top team of Stolt Tank Containers, global market leader in liquid bulk transport, we defined and activated the Liquid Connect strategy, setting the company up for sustainable growth in the coming 5 years;
  • We led the design and support of the leadership journey of around 100 Business Unit Managers and Functional Heads of VINCI Energies, to equip them to courageously lead their business transformation from within, contributing to the realisation of the energy transition, digital transformation and sustainability goals;
  • We signed up for a three year contract to work as the global change partner of a leading heavy lifting and transport company, supporting them to deliver on their route to new heights;
  • We celebrate the recent commitment by the U.S. headquarters of a major agricultural player  to choose LQ as their partner to help implement a disruptive innovation strategy in order to turn the agricultural sector around through an agile way of working (having defeated the big four just like that)

This journey with LQ has truly been the most impactful I have experienced in my working career (19 years). Both personal and business wise, an experience with a golden edge!

One ultimate low

Our leading lady Heidi Theys, current CEO and founding partner of LQ, has to fight cancer. A heavy setback for the entire team. Simultaneously, it deepens our commitment to organise for a strengthened LQ in the future. A beautiful article has been written on how she deals with this new reality, published in the Trends magazine.

LQ 3.0

In order to achieve our purpose, some organisational changes are needed. From now on, Anne Kloosterboer assumes the role of co-CEO with an external oriented portfolio, leading the company from a strategy, market, customer and ecosystem perspective. At her side, co-CEO Gunter Blanckaert takes up the role to professionalise the company and to continue delivering an A-customer experience as we grow, through an energetic and capable senior team, building on solid digitised processes and systems. With this co-CEO model, we believe we build on strenght, and that we can achieve scalable growth with sustained impact at high pace. Geert Letens, co-author of the Six Batteries of Change book, thought leader on change management and founding partner, continues his role as Head of Research & Thought Leadership. Heidi Theys ends her operational activities. She remains part of LQ’s Supervisory Board.

Together with our growing team of senior business transformation managers and architects, guided by a strengthened Management Team, we will keep on supporting you on your business transformation journey, even more energised than before.

“More than ever, it remains our dream and ambition to become the global reference on how to lead business transformation with 95% success, building on the foundation of the Six Batteries of Change, not shying away to jointly crack the hard nuts to charge those batteries.”

co-CEOs Anne Kloosterboer and Gunter Blanckaert



Sneak preview 2023

The upcoming year promises nice things ahead!

  • We will continue and expand our efforts to organise for joint content creation (e.g. use cases, tools, case stories) on business transformation with clients. Because we are convinced that a strong community of internal ambassadors, who speaks one language, makes all the difference in successful transformation and makes it resilient and future-proof;
  • We strengthen our ability to contribute to positive impact, working closely together with our external partners. Through these partnerships we can accelerate our NEcontribution to emission reduction, purpose driven leadership and mental health and resilience at customers;
  • The English version of ‘De Notenkraker about leading organisational change in practice will be launched this year! You’ll be in the front row to hear more!


Wishing you a great year and looking forward to working with you to energise for success in 2023!

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