LQ Digital

What drives us?

As technology is changing at an exponential rate, organisations need to keep up in order to meet new customer expectations. Therefore, companies need to

  • Have a clear outside-in view
  • Embed digital at the core of their business strategy
  • Enable the organisation to build their digital capabilities
  • Put their customer first in everything they do
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From the Why and How to the What



Pragmatic Approach


LQ Digital guides your organization along your digital transformation journey. Starting from a digital readiness assessment, based on 6 Batteries of Change, to an implementation of digital initiatives.

Whether you take your first steps or are looking to accelerate, we adapt the speed to what is needed in order to succeed. We help you take the lead in this digital age by turning the disruption into opportunities of growth.



Digital Services


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Future Proof Business Models

  • Digital Inspiration & Strategy
  • Digital Maturity Scans
  • Digital Roadmaps
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Digital Acceleration

  • Enable Innovation Capabilities
  • Digital Platform & Product Management
  • Advanced Data Analytics
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Digital Customer Experience

  • Service Design
  • Hybrid Touch-Points
  • Growth Marketing

In Practice

Our Experts in Digital

We bring subject matter experts into the game in order to get your digital transformation kickstarted efficiently, with a focus on building the in-house capabilities. Organisations can lead & drive their journey autonomously.

All our experts have a strong proven track record both in different sectors & types of organisations (from start-ups to big corporates). Through constant development of your team, we make digital work for you.