LQ launches Digital Unit & opens Dutch office

In less than a year’s time, LQ is transforming the business of over 20 clients – making them fit for the future in a sustainable way. CEO Heidi Theys: “Our unique and highly valued ‘Six Batteries of Change’ model gives us a guiding framework. Our pragmatic approach to business transformation makes the difference. We walk the talk. Together with our clients, we create measurable impact.” Talking about impact: LQ is growing at an ambitious, yet healthy rate. Heidi: “We now extend our portfolio and scale up internationally with the launch of LQ Digital and the opening of our Dutch office.”

Heidi op Li


To start off on the right foot and for a good understanding: the L in LQ refers to the lemniscate (∞) and the Q to intelligence. CEO Heidi Theys: “There’s IQ, there’s EQ and now there’s LQ, infinite intelligence, continuous organisational learning with the right balance of rationality and emotion. LQ changes the way you change in order to create sustainable business transformations with impact. We consider ourselves reversed consultants, focusing on building your inhouse capability to lead change and targeting our efforts on results we can measure. Because we know that if you energise the 6 batteries of your organisation within your context, you have a 95% chance of business transformation success.”


LQ Grows


LQ’s pragmatic message already sticks with organizations across all sectors (banking, construction, health care, heavy industry, media, telcom, food and beverage…) in the Benelux, each with their very specific challenges. Heidi: “Disruption, technology, sustainable development goals (SDGs), mergers and acquisitions (M&A) and the need to improve continuously are among the main drivers of their need to transform. Sometimes there’s a burning platform that urges organizations into action. Sometimes it is just about using tail wind to prepare for what’s coming.”

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“We believe change can be positive, energizing and successful. That’s why our transformation managers, each with 15 years or more of experience in the business, join forces with our clients by building leader led agile organizations, introducing a future fit culture, optimizing operations...



Our pragmatic approach is based on thorough academic research and the evidence-based model described in the bestselling ‘Six Batteries of Change’ (Vlerick Business School). Two of the co-authors, professors Peter De Prins and Geert Letens, are my co-founders and partners at LQ. In 2019 we grew from scratch to a dedicated team of 20 professionals. In 2020 it is our aim to continue to grow and double both our client portfolio as well as our team of experts. LQ is a strong believer in sharing knowledge and experience. Therefore, Frank Dethier, LQ Managing Partner, is focusing on innovation and co-creation with both clients and expert partners. Together we grow.”

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LQ diversifies – LQ Digital

Heidi: “No, we are not a digital agency, and yet we launch LQ Digital. How so? Again, it’s the result of us being pragmatic and impact driven. In case technology is the key driver for change, LQ deploys the dedicated LQ Digital team of experts, headed by Gunter Blanckaert. Gunter joined LQ at the very beginning and has 18 year of experience in digital transformation, innovation and marketing in an international B2C and B2B environment at organizations in different sectors: Microsoft, Philips Lighting (now Signify), Ici Paris XL, Bpost, Allianz, Acerta, Greenyard, Yuki, Tosoh, European Ombudsman… Gunter and his team cover both the rational and human side of digital transformation, connecting the dots between the six – digital – batteries.

"We help organizations transform into forward looking companies, from co-creating their digital strategy up to empowering the people executing the digital change day to day", Gunter explains.

LQ scales up – The Netherlands

As of 2020, LQ has a foothold in The Netherlands. General Manager Netherlands, Anne Kloosterboer, and her team are geared towards building the organizational inner muscle to get fit for the future. As quoted by one of our Dutch clients’ Business Leaders: because of the work of Anne and her team we see how to win and dare to drive what to do and not to do. Heidi: “Innovation and change are Anne’s life blood. She successfully led transformations and change programs in reputed multinationals such as FrieslandCampina, Johnson & Johnson, H&M and various large family companies. Anne is a well-known architect of change through her columns in het Financieel Dagblad. No wonder we are looking forward to the publication of her book de Notenkraker in May 2020 – a practical addition to the Six Batteries of Change.”