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At LQ we go for a hands-on approach, working by your side on your journey towards new ambitions. We manage your change program in a balanced and agile way, constantly going back to our research-based model described in the bestselling book “Six Batteries of Change”.

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LQ team

We have all earned medals in the battle field but we have also been scared. Valuable learnings that we constantly keep in mind when we work on the change ability of your organisation. Meet the minds behind the concept. Rational and Emotional people driven by one common goal: improving your organization’s change ability.

Organization Development - Founding Partner

Peter De Prins

Peter’s degree in Chemical Engineering marked the start of a highly successful and versatile career. After various corporate positions in sales and executive training, he founded Linkpower, a fast growing and high-quality training and coaching business.
Peter’s expertise led him to become a professor at the renowned Vlerick Business School, teaching management practices, focussing on change, leadership, coaching and culture. He’s also a highly demanded certified consultant in cultural transformation at the Barret Values Centre, and a talented keynote speaker.In the rare moments when Peter isn’t working, he’s probably out playing golf.

Product Portfolio & Research - Founding Partner

Geert Letens

Geert is a civil engineer by training (Royal Military Academy and KU Leuven) with a PhD in Social & Military Sciences (RMA) and Applied Economics (UGent), who holds the rank of Lieutenant-Colonel in the Belgian Army.

That aside, he’s a Management Skills professor at RMA, a Research Fellow at the Vlerick Business School, and an active member of the board of the American Society for Engineering Management, the Institute of Industrial Engineers and the Society for Engineering and Management Systems. To top it all off, he’s a specialist in OD & Change, Lean Product Development, Supply Chain Management and Integrated Performance Management. Yes, we know, that’s quite impressive. Especially since it was his research that led to the development of the Six Batteries model.

If you can catch him not working, he’ll most likely be playing pool with his daughter.

CEO & Founding Partner

Heidi Theys

Heidi has led numerous organisations, teams and people through changes and transformations for many years. With a degree in commercial engineering (KUL) and a postgraduate in European Law (UCL), she has built an international career in sales and marketing, organization development, innovation and talent management. This experience has made her a highly effective and experienced leader who knows what it means to guide an organization into a VUCA world. 

When she’s not building the future of LQ, you might find her on the dance floor or enjoying life with her friends and family.

Digital & Marketing - Managing Partner

Frank Dethier

Frank started out as an academic researcher at KU Leuven, where he also obtained his degree in Civil Engineering before starting his long career at Philips. From the get-go, he took on roles that required outstanding skills in innovation and transformation, combined with thorough knowledge of all things digital.

Designing, implementing and leading a broad range of growth initiatives in various industries, his expertise on the matter grew steadily. Frank is an engineer with a passion for psychology, understanding what drives people and organisations and figuring out how to coach them in new directions.

After closing the office doors, Frank’s perfect time off is socializing with friends or playing one of his favourite sports.

Planning Officer

Marisa Kerkhofs

Marisa studied Law at the University of Leuven. Driven by het eagerness to learn and her need for exploration she has built up a lot of experience in a lot of domains : insurances, banking, government, … These experiences have made her more than ever ready for change. She took on the responsibility for all supporting services within LemnisQ. She makes sure that our company can provide the best service level to our clients and change managers. Energise for succes is what she does at home as well! Playing with her children, going out with friends are her energy gainers!


Nathalie Calle

Nathalie is a textbook example of the ‘new generation CFO’: she combines an eye for detail with a broad view on business and organizations; she fully understands the challenges/dynamics of a business and teams/people in an organisation. As a Master in Economics (University of Antwerp) she built on that solid foundation by acquiring two Masters in Science, a first in Finance and the second in Business & Managerial Economics (both at Antwerp Management School). Her career started in the accounting department of INEOS, after two years she became Head of Finance at Kranen Michielsens and later she took her first steps in advisory as Senior Advisor at First Accounting. At USG People Belgium she became Finance Director and went international as VP Finance Professional Staffing. As a Founder of her own company CinControl she works on numerous projects dealing with corporate finance valuation, funding, controlling and growth strategy. She is also an esteemed lecturer on these themes at Kluwer Opleidingen.

Business Transformation Manager

Anja De Landsheer

Anja is an effective business leader and operations director with over 20 years of cross-cultural (Europe & APAC) and cross-industry experience. She’s a strategist with an innovative edge and the keen eye for spotting growth opportunities, through optimisation of operational structures, that create value for all stakeholders.

As a business transformation manager, Anja has the knowledge, capabilities but above all hands-on experience in influencing and transforming employees’ attitudes into desired behaviours through the development and implementation of effective process and collaboration platforms. Anja has worked with a wide range of organisations such as BMW, Proximus, Unilin,  Audi, Gijbels…

Business Transformation Manager

Deborah de Bleyser

Business Transformation Manager

Hanne Sidarow

Hanne is a People Driven Innovation consultant with a background in Product design, tackling business challenges using a human-centered approach.
Through multiple innovation projects in diverse industries for companies such as KBC, Daf Trucks, JBC,… she’s highly experienced to implement design thinking and innovation methods.
She supports companies to create and validate new products and services that delight their customers and create a positive value for the business. Framing problems is inspiring for Hanna. She guides her teams to great solutions.

As a Certified Design sprint facilitator, she focuses on supporting companies to implement design thinking systems and skills. Enabling them to transform to fast paced, customer centered organisations, connected with each other and with the clients, breaking down the silos.

Hanna describes herself as an optimistic problem solver with a never-ending curiosity for learning; head in the clouds and feet on the ground.

She gets energised by growing veggies and flowers in her garden, playing with her two little daughters, doing yoga and having fun with her family and friends.

Business Transformation Manager

Els Dhaeze

Based on more than 20 years experience as manager and director in international marketing & retail companies (P&G, Reckitt Benckiser, Yves Rocher and Neuhaus), Els inspires, trains and guides business (r)evolutions in a strategic and operational way through the steep climb towards truly customer-oriented thinking and acting.

Driven by her passion to make people work together, she has made it her goal to build a strong CX expert community in Belgium and make CX a globally respected profession.  That’s why she writes CX books, judges for the international CX awards and founded the CX Peer-2-Peer community in Belgium.

In her personal life, she gets energized by her two daughters, a good glass of wine and discovering far away cultures.

General Manager LQ Digital

Gunter Blanckaert

With over 18 years of experience in strategy, transformation and marketing in an international B2C & B2B environment, Gunter is a passionate & pragmatic digital leader. He has driven short and long term projects for and with clients in different sectors, such as Bpost, Allianz, Acerta, Greenyard, Brussels Airport, Ici Paris XL and a lot of other companies. His main drivers are ambitious people, customer focus & constant innovation.

Strategy, digital innovation, transformation & enablement, Service Design thinking, Agile & Lean startup coaching and implementation are part of his specialties.
For LQ, his focus for 2020 is to develop LQ Digital towards digital transformations in business organisations.

Business Transformation Manager

Tamara Alen

Business Transformation Manager

Johan Peeters

Over the past 20 years, Johan Peeters has built up a respectable expertise in people management, business management and start-up coaching, as a consultant but also in his own start-up. He also applied this experience in corporate venturing projects. In companies like VRT, Agentschap Natuur en Bos and Bpost FutureLab, he designed the blueprint for their innovation strategies and coached them during the execution phase.

He’s the author of ‘The Path To Yes’, his own description of an innovation model in which innovation-experts are placed outside the existing structures, experimenting at a rapid rate with new ideas and technologies.

As a business transformation manager, Johan was in the driving seat for digital transformation programs of several companies such as Telenet (Yelo-tv), BNP Paribas Fortis (EasyBanking, Hello Bank) and Het Rode Kruis (rodekruis.be).

General Managemer LQ Netherlands

Anne Kloosterboer

The past several years, Anne directed the Change Practice of FrieslandCampina worldwide. Before that, she guided a range of organisations, such as Johnson & Johnson, H&M, DSM and various large family companies in their business transformations. As from January 2020, she started as General Manager Netherlands for LQ.

In this position and together with the team, she designs and leads change programs that generate sustainable increase in value. As an architect of change programs and coach of change leaders and consultants, she builds the organisation of tomorrow. Sustainability and circularity are keywords.

Besides this, Anne writes about change and innovation, wich helps her to keep on reflecting and learning during the hustle of the day. Before, with weekly columns in the Saturday edition of Financieel Dagblad. Now, in her book ‘Notenkraker’, which comes out in April 2020. This book, a practical addition to the six batteries of change, is about the 40 nuts you have to crack in leading and coaching business change. A practical guide whenever business change starts, slows down or crashes.

Anne is passioned about “her” three men; a big one and two small, with whom she likes to spend most of her time. Experiencing nature, she prefers doing on the back of a horse, during her runs or in and round her home in the wooded area of Doorn. A glass of wine, a nice conversation and good company makes her the queen of the world.

Business Transformation Manager

Wim Van Domburg

Marketing Officer

An Melis

During her education on St-Lucas Brussels, where she reached a Master Degree in Interior Architecture, An developed her creativity and sense for graphic and design. Looking at things from another point of view makes them more interesting, even challenging. Her experience within the construction sector led her to an office of (Industrial) Architecture. Being a member of the management team, she came in contact with all the aspects of running an organisation, from Office Management, Marketing and Communication until HR Management. For that, her Strategic HRM training on Vlerick did the trick. Discovering the strategical aspects and structures of an organisation, how to manage the people and the business, is what drives her and gives the energy she needs for taking care of her family with four children. She even sees similarities between micro-organisations and running a household. Empathy, communication and making connection are her key-words. Preferably wrapped in a nice design and beautifully presented. That’s why Marketing is like a playground to her. How she keeps her mind and body fit? By running in the forests of Meerdael and enjoying every aspect of nature.

Business Transformation Manager

Pascal Droogers

His 30 years of expertise as a coach, trainer and consultant in organisational development has always been focused on working towards everlasting results, outcome and impact on people and organisations. Therefore Pascal uses tools such as 6 BOC, BPM, ISO, EFQM, BSc, Lean, U-theory, organisation constellations etc.

With his passion for coaching, Pascal facilitates individuals and teams in their search for results and happiness. A balance between the rational batteries (top three of the framework) and the emotional batteries (bottom three of the framework) is the main result.  

Companies which he had the pleasure working with are Defence, Federal Police, Foreign Affairs, Justice, Katoen Natie, Proximus, Traficon, Tosoh, Volvo, Publisign, Ned Train, Electrabel, KU Leuven, Carrefour, Visser & Smit Hannab, etc.

Pascal likes working together by applying creation and cross-pollination with a well-considered approach, preferably in high-level programs. His identity of meaning and contributions to a higher goal inspire him to inspire others. That’s why being part of the LQ team charges his professional batteries.

In his spare time, Pascal enjoys travelling with his wife Vera and relaxing in the sauna. As a former triathlete (Ironman) and marathons runner, he loves long walks, cycling and swimming to create balance within body and mind.

‘Everyone and any organisation can rise above their circumstances and achieve success if they are dedicated and passionate about what they do.’ By Nelson Mandela

Business Transformation Manager

Miranda Maes

Business Transformation Manager

Christian Daems

Business Transformation Manager

Chantal Poiesz



LQ works at the crossroads of consultancy, program & project management, and “change & transformation” training.


What drives LQ?

We’re by your side every step of the way, on a journey to and through transformation. That’s why we call ourselves reverse consultants. We don’t start with the change initiative itself. Instead, we focus on mapping and working on the change ability of your organisation and employees.

Our approach is based on a highly successful model extensively described in the bestselling book “Six Batteries of Change”. Its results are second to none: 95% of transformations that start with a Six Batteries Scan and sufficiently charged batteries deliver the intended result. That’s how evidence-based practice can lead to practice-based evidence.

Do you want to become our colleague?

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Do you want to become our colleague?

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LemnisQ has guided many national and international companies on their way to new ambitions. We're happy to discuss our track record with you. Get in touch!



LQ has guided many national and international companies on their way to new ambitions. We're happy to discuss our track record with you. Get in touch!


LQ has guided many national and international companies on their way to new ambitions. We're happy to discuss our track record with you. Get in touch!


LQ has guided many national and international companies on their way to new ambitions. We're happy to discuss our track record with you. Get in touch!


LQ has guided many national and international companies on their way to new ambitions. We're happy to discuss our track record with you. Get in touch!


LQ has guided many national and international companies on their way to new ambitions. We're happy to discuss our track record with you. Get in touch!


LQ has guided many national and international companies on their way to new ambitions. We're happy to discuss our track record with you. Get in touch!


LQ has guided many national and international companies on their way to new ambitions. We're happy to discuss our track record with you. Get in touch!